Due to Covid-19 there will be no show for 2020, we are optimistic that our show will go ahead in 2021 look forward to a fine showcase of the Best of our British.

Welcome to the British Shorthair Cat Club

Home of the most popular pedigree cat...

The British Shorthair Cat Club caters for the largest GCCF registered pedigree cat the wonderful British Shorthair. The Objectives & Aims of the Club
(a)To safeguard the wellbeing of the British Shorthair and all cats.
[b] To encourage responsible cat owning and breeding of the British Shorthair.
(c) To participate in Seminars, in conjunction with the British Shorthair Breed Advisory Committee.
i. Formulate and recommend revision, where necessary, of the Standard of Points and Registration Policy for the British Shorthair.
ii. To support and work in partnership with the British Shorthair Breed Advisory Committee in the selection and promotion of Judges.
(d) To hold an annual Breed Show.

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Club Committee

Chairman/BAC Representative - Pamela Beard-Smith - pam@mewsoscats.co.uk
Vice-Chair - Wayne Vessey - darrway@hotmail.co.uk
Secretary Suzanne Griss - suzanne.griss@btopenworld.com
Treasurer - Gavin Eyres
Show Managers - Stuart & Barbara McEwan - pennydown.cats@btinternet.com
Acting Membership Secretary - Pamela Beard-Smith - pam@mewsoscats.co.uk

Committee Member - Lisa Burnell - burleabritz@yahoo.co.uk
Committee Member - Zaneel Abidin - zaneelabidin@hotmail.co.uk
Committee Member - Nina Sutton - lekatibsh@gmail.com
Committee Member - Peter Collin - petercollin65@gmail.com

Club Secretary
Suzanne Griss
63 Studley Road
Middlesborough, T55 5BP