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Welcome to the British Shorthair Cat Club

The British Shorthair Cat Club caters for the largest GCCF registered pedigree cat the wonderful British Shorthair.

The Objectives & Aims of the Club
(a)To safeguard the wellbeing of the British Shorthair and all cats.
[b] To encourage responsible cat owning and breeding of the British Shorthair.
(c) To participate in Seminars, in conjunction with the British Shorthair Breed Advisory Committee.
i. Formulate and recommend revision, where necessary, of the Standard of Points and Registration Policy for the British Shorthair.
ii. To support and work in partnership with the British Shorthair Breed Advisory Committee in the selection and promotion of Judges.
(d) To hold an annual Breed Show.

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Breeders List
We offer our members the opportunity to list their Website and/or contact details. For a list of our BSH breeders please follow the link…

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Annual Show
Each year we hold a show dedicated to British shorthairs, currently held in combination with the Yorkshire Cat Club.

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